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Words are tricky things. If you spend too long looking at them they can morph and change, seeming like everything you want them to be despite what may actually be on the page.

The Melbourne Freelancer provides a fresh pair of eyes so you can be sure that what’s on the page is precisely what you want to say — clean, clear, and correct.

Whether it’s an essay, thesis, a novel, a memoir, or an article, I can help you polish your words before you release them to the world: I’m your eagle-eyed word nerd, grammar groupie, and punctuation pundit.

Oh, and I love puns and word play!

A life-long reader, I majored in English (and Psychology) at university. This means I have a formal understanding of the rules of grammar and punctuation as well as a natural feel for what works well on the page — so I know when to break the rules too.

As I make my way through your work I’ll be on the lookout for:

  • spelling;
  • punctuation;
  • grammar;
  • word choice, for clarity of message;
  • consistency, in style, tone, and action;
  • formatting, where necessary.

how does it work?

Use the contact form below to drop me a line. Once we’ve talked about your project and what you need, you send me a copy of your manuscript. I prefer Word or PDF but I’ll work with whatever suits you.

I work through the document, marking it up as I go. I’ll also provide feedback and comments if anything strikes me as I’m reading.

Once I’m done, I’ll return it to you. Have a look through and let me know if you need clarification on any points. Then you’re done!


My fee is 1.5 cents per word, with a minimum fee of $20 (AUD). If you have a series of shorter works, such as blog posts, we’ll do things slightly differently – contact me and we can chat.

Note that this fee is for one round of edits only. If you need multiple rounds let me know and I’ll tailor a solution.

Should you wish for a printed, marked up copy of your manuscript I’m happy to oblige (I love pen and paper) but this will incur additional fees to cover printing costs and postage where required.

kind words

Tahlia’s editing, feedback and insights are awesome. I truly appreciate how thoroughly and efficiently she edited my ebook. And I loved being able to read her comments too. She explained her edits so well I have literally no questions or things I need clarification on.

I’m so much more confident about putting my ebook out there now that I know it’s been polished so efficiently. Thank you so much Tahlia, you are a true pro!

Chloe Wigan

Certified Life Coach and Writer, One Infinite Life

Tahlia has been invaluable to my work. The last three books I’ve published would have been very different—and far worse off for it—had I not had Tahlia’s acute and perceptive editing skills to pass them through.

Shawn Mihalik


I was surprised and delighted at the excellent attention to detail that Tahlia brought to the table. In editing my little Paris guidebook, she really went above and beyond–catching not only typos and inconsistencies, but also checking French accenting and spelling for me (something that is decidedly not my own strong suit). I’ll be recommending her to everyone who asks.

Gigi Griffis

World-travelling entrepreneur and writer.

I utilized Tahlia’s proofreading services to freshen up my resume and cover letter. Her approach was very flexible, as she gave me several options on how she could send her feedback.

She worked very quickly and thoroughly, catching errors and making helpful suggestions. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone looking to bring their writing to the next level!

Jill Sarah Greenberg

Digital Media Consultant

Tahlia’s services and feedback were very thorough and clear. She provided concise and clear proofreading, and I’ve used her notes to edit my ebook and as guidance to develop my writing skills for future projects.

Expectations were met above and beyond by returning within the time guidelines set up and coming up with clear proofreading services, as well as comments on the message in the book.

Lauren Fowler

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I can’t recommend Tahlia Meredith highly enough.  I had not previously associated the word “elegant” with proofreading, but Tahlia’s work has just that quality.  She tracks down everything from the smallest error in punctuation to the most unwieldy sentence structure, and every one of her corrections or suggestions makes perfect sense.

She is able to communicate in a way that is both professional and responsive, but what really distinguishes Tahlia is her ability to understand the writer’s goals and style; she approaches the work in such a generous and intelligent way that it seems improved by her perception.  I wholeheartedly recommend Tahlia for all proofreading needs.

Joan Harvey


let’s polish this gem!

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